Cyber Backup

Keep Your Data Safe on the Cloud

  • Never lose any data
  • One-click setup
  • Simplified Pricing
Prices starting at $ /GB

Buy Acronis Cyber Backup for:

Features of Acronis Cyber Backup

  • Simple Pricing
  • Ease of use
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Security

No bill shocks, no headaches

  • Simplified prepaid pricing
  • Pay only for the backup space needed
  • No additional costs for backups or restores
  • Increase the backup storage anytime you need

How do backups work?

Regularly backup your servers, to ensure that you never lose any data. Instantly restore your data with a few clicks.


Automatic setup of backup account


Schedule backups from the panel


Restore from any backup point easily

Compatible With

VPS Servers

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Dedicated Servers

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Windows Dedicated Servers

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  • Q. Which products can I backup using Acronis Cyber Backup?

    Acronis Cyber Backup can be configured to backup KVM Linux VPS, Dedicated Linux Servers, and Dedicated Windows Servers.

  • Q. Can I backup all my servers to the same Acronis Account?

    Yes all your servers from one server location can be backed up under the same Acronis Account. Servers from US will be backed under the US account and servers from India and Hong Kong will be backed up on your Acronis Asia account Will the Acronis Cyber Backup order get renewed if I renew my VPS or Dedicated server?

  • Q. Will the Acronis Cyber Backup order get renewed if I renew my VPS or Dedicated server?

    No. Acronis has its own product lifecycle and will not be automatically renewed with your VPS or Dedicated Server. You will have to renew it separately.

  • Q. How can I upgrade my backup storage space?

    If you need more backup storage space you can go to the order management page and add more storage. Learn more about adding storage.

  • Q. How safe is my backup data?

    All the data that you backup will be stored in an offsite location, so that in case of a disaster at the location of your VPS or Dedicated Server, your backup data will remain safe. Additionally, the backup data is encrypted and regularly scanned for malware to ensure complete protection.

  • Q. Can I restore backup data from one server to another?

    Yes you can backup and restore your data from one server to another provided you have the backup agent installed on the servers.

  • Q. Can I download the backup files to my local machine?

    Yes you can download the backup files to your computer / local machine from the Acronis panel. What happens when my backup order expires?

  • Q. What happens when my backup order expires?

    When your backup order expires, it will be suspended and you can renew the order within 15 days to retain your backups. However, if you fail to renew within the time period, your order will be deleted and the backups will also be deleted.

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